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1955 John Deere 50, restored by Erwin Ruehling and his son, Dale, of Schuyler, Nebraska. The 50 runs much the way it did when Erwin bought it in 1957. “Mechanically, nothing else has been done with it in the past 17 years except for minor tuneups,” writes Dale. “Other than a couple of minor oil leaks, it’s still in excellent mechanical condition. This tractor was one of the first on the market that featured live hydraulics, PTO, power steering and a speedometer. Erwin used this tractor for field work and for work around the farmstead, including hauling grain and manure. He had the 50 overhauled in 1965, with 1,915 hours on it; then he had it overhauled again and painted in 1989. In 2005, I repainted it and put on new tires.”

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